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Why did the new printer get kicked out of school? copied!

Get it? It copied? No? Okay then...So we're not going to bore you with facts you don't really care about so lets go with the basics. A long long time ago, when Tommy was younger, people had to write everything! The only way we could pass on knowledge was based on what someone wrote down, seriously the first bible was hand written, can you imagine how long that took! Nowadays things are a bit more modern, with two main types of printing dominating the market! But we don't stop there, from clothing and promotional item printing to signage, decals and large format printing we do it all! 

Tell Design and Print Litho

Litho Printing

Litho printing is done using plates, it's great for industrial scale printing, not just because of its quality of print but also because of its low cost! Meaning you can print thousands of brochures, leaflets and tickets at a fraction of the cost you would get trying to do the same volume on a standard digital press! 

Digital Printing

Our baby, over there on the right, is a Digital Print Press. Digital printing is essentially done by depositing pigment or toner straight onto paper. It's a much simpler process, and a little bit quicker because there's not so many steps involved in the print! Digital printing is ideal for invitations, orders of service or short runs of brochures, leaflets and posters. 

Tell Design and Print Digital
Tell Design and Print Large Format Printing

Large Format Printing

Okay so we're all about thinking big, but with large format printing we seriously mean BIG. Shop signage, whole window graphics, van and car wraps, banners, pop up banners, huge posters. When we say no job too big or small we really mean it!

Promotional Printing

You can be a walking advertisement for your business! Think clothing with your branding, or coffee cups sitting on your desk with your name on it, or giving someone a pen to use and telling them to keep it because right there on the barrel is your logo and details! For us promoting your business doesn't stop at leaflets and business cards and your website, it can literally be part of everything you do! 

Tell Design and Print Promotional
Tell Design and Print Services

So what can we print for you?

So just to keep things simple, here's what we do;

- Invitations - Announcement Cards - Wedding Stationary -

Thank You Cards - Tickets - Raffle Tickets - Banners -
Pop Up Banners - Shop Signage - Window Graphics -
Van & Car Wraps - Business Cards - Leaflets - Brochures -
Posters - Comp Slips - Letterheads - Promotional Printing -

For more information on the services we provide, click here!

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