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Bereavement Services

At Tell Design and Print we have spent many years perfecting our bereavement services. For us it isn't just about providing top quality orders of service and memorial cards, but its also about providing the perfect send off for your loved one. For us there is nothing better than hearing our customers sharing memories of their loved ones, and celebrating the good times as well as mourning their loss. Our service is completely personalised and there is no task too big or small. For more information on our bereavement services please read our information below or get in touch.

Tell Design and Print Order of Service

Orders of Service

We provide Orders of Service for all types of funeral services, both religious and non religious. Each Order of Service is tailored to the individual, and can contain hymns, poems and sometimes simply photographs. The most important thing to us is that the order of service truly reflects the person we are celebrating and their family. 

Memorial Cards

Our beautifully crafted Memorial Cards are tailor made into a fitting memorial for your loved one. These cards come in any size so they fit into your purse or wallet but also come in larger sizes to be used at a service in lieu of an order of service. These come both double and single sided but can be tailored to any specifications to ensure they are the perfect memorial for your loved one.

Tell Design and Print Memorial Card
Photo Retouching

Photo Retouching and Printing

We don't know about you, but here at Tell Design and Print we love nothing more than getting a cup of tea and sitting down and looking through old photos. Looking at your grandparents or parents amazing 1940s style or reliving the 80s one bad hairstyle at a time, having photographs is a way to hold onto someone and the feelings they brought you, even after they're gone and remember them at their happiest. We also know from experience that not all photos can stand the test of time. That's why we work hard to digitally retouch your old photos, not only will you get your original photo back in the exact same condition you gave it to us but we can also supply you brand new prints of the photo retouched so that can last another 30 years!

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