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Why Wix?

When it comes to our web design service, some of our clients are initially put off when we say we design with Wix, but in the end they're always pleasantly surprised. Find out more about why we choose to design with Wix!

Carly Wilson PT

Web Design is a big business, it's also a tricky one. For most people it's just not practical to pay thousands of pounds to give themselves an online presence, and some don't have the time or the experience to do it themselves. That's where the Tell Design and Print Team comes in! We design our websites through Wix.

Why Wix?

Why not? I think it's a common misconception that when you hear Web Design you think pages and pages of behind the scenes code, words you can't understand unless you've trained in it yourself and most importantly you think mega money. Can we build you an HTML, Javascript or CSS website? Yeah of course we can! But we still choose Wix.

With Wix you can design beautiful, professional websites that we can teach you to keep updated yourself or we can easily keep updated for you. Wix is completely user friendly, so small changes take minutes and can be published immediately. Bigger changes like a full overhaul or adding or removing pages don't mean hours of rewriting code, so are live quicker and bonus cost you less money.

But Wix won't look as good...

Of course it will. Maybe you've tried to build a Wix website yourself and looked at the end product and thought it didn't look professional or it wasn't giving the message you were looking for, and that's okay! It's literally my job to make sure your website looks as professional as any other website out there, and whether it's an information only website or an e-commerce site for you to sell your goods Wix really can do it all.

So I can have an online shop?

Damn right you can! Your Wix Store can help you keep track of your stock levels, can adhere to already existing SKU Codes, you can hold sales and uses multiple payment options, from Worldpay to Paypal. I'll tell you what I need to get your shop online and we'll get it ready together, then I'll show you how to manage your orders and send invoices all from your Wix Homescreen.

Wix can't do everything though...

No you're right it can't, and Wix is currently probably perfect for small to medium stores and information only websites. We do have to work within the limitations of Wix, but here's the great thing about them, they're constantly updating! Bringing in new features and practices to ensure that every single Wix User can create the site they were dreaming of the whole time.

Can't I just build it myself?

Yep! You really can. Wix is incredibly user friendly and with some time, patience and an eye for what looks good you can totally make your own website! But between running your business and running your own personal life, do you really have time? That's why I make your business my business. I've been doing this for a while, and I can guarantee I can build you a beautiful website in a considerably shorter time period than if you try to build it yourself and when the site is finished I can give you a tutorial on how to edit it yourself! Or for a small monthly fee I can update your site for you, send out weekly marketing campaigns and even manage your social media.

Wait, what does my Social Media have to do with my Site?

Everything! When building your online presence most people start with free social media sites, and everytime you update your site, or put out a new offer or marketing campaign you should update your followers on your social media, encourage them to share it with their friends and ultimately lead to more traffic on your website. The more searches for your site, the more traffic on your site, the more traffic on your site the higher you'll place on search engines when people search in your relevant fields. If you don't have social media, get it. If you don't have time to manage it, let me! 2-3 Posts a week on instagram and facebook is all you to start generating interest!

So how much does it cost?

It depends on what you need. So Wix have their own hosting fees which you can choose to pay monthly and which is pretty low cost depending on what package you choose or you can pay it in advance for one or two years which will save you money in the long run. E-Commerce sites cost slight more for hosting, but it gives you unlimited possibilities. Those are the costs that Wix charge, we don't mark those up, we can send you the invoice.

Then you have your domain name, which truly is buttons and then it's our costs. We charge by the hour, so what you need from us affects the cost of your site. So if you supply all the copy and images and I literally just have to make it look pretty, you've got yourself a bargain! If I have to create the copy relevant to your field (which I can absolutely do!) it'll be slightly more and if it's an e-commerce site where we're building a shop it'll be slightly more again. But here's the thing, our websites don't cost thousands of pounds, in fact we've never built a website thats cost near a thousand pounds! Because we don't think you should have to pay through the nose to have an online presence.

That's why we use Wix! It's so quick and easy, and yes it has its limits, and maybe it's not the traditional tool, and some web designers will try and tell you that a Wix site won't look as good a traditional Javascript or HTML site but I'm telling you that it will!

So what I'm saying is, if you're looking to get a website built, develop your online presence, manage your social media and overall digital marketing Tell Design and Print are the team for you! So why not get in touch today?

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